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Hi, I'm Maia. I'm 50 years old and 9 years ago I decided to have a baby on my own.  I knew I always wanted to be a parent and assumed that sometime in my thirties Mr. Right would appear and make it happen. Well, after yet another breakup at 40, I realized my window of opportunity was closing fast and I had to face the music. I knew I did not want to miss out on having a baby and would regret it if I didn't take action so I decided to try and get pregnant on my own. It took a lot of mental preparation (and lots of waffling) but I am so relieved I did it! It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life for sure but it's also the best decision I've ever made. My daughter, Mila, is now 6! She is my dream come true and favorite person in the world. Truly.

My Backstory: I am a New Yorker who has lived in lots of other places, too.  For over two decades I have worked in advertising...think Pete Campbell on "Mad Men." Before that I lived in Russia for 4 years while receiving a Master's degree in Russian language and culture. I've done a bit of stand-up comedy and co-authored a book called "Deal Breakers: When Does Mr. Right Become Mr. Not-On-Your Life?" published by Random House.  I love ballet, foreign films, stand-up, tennis, traveling, organizing stuff, and staging people's homes.

Pas de Deux: Having a Baby on Your Own

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