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"Pas De Deux: Having a Baby on Your Own" is a space I created to talk about how I came to having a baby on my own and what is is like to solo parent. I wanted to share my experience with the hopes of reaching other women who might be thinking about becoming a parent, or perhaps have already done so. 


Many single women don't think they have a right to be a parent because they don't have an "S.O."  Are you one of them?  I was and I understand. Likely you either haven't found the right partner or you just don't want one. There is no shame waiting for the right person. Being unattached doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't be a parent. You can choose to parent on your own!


I will be brutally honest about everything from choosing a sperm donor to dealing with Father's Day and everything in between. I will discuss all my fears, what barriers I had to overcome initially and how things are going so far. Being a solo parent is not easy - nor is being any kind of parent - but it's the only way I know. You can choose to be a parent on your own, but it does take preparation and determination. If you have ever thought about having a baby on your own, read on! Let's help each other and get a productive conversation started. 

Pas de Deux: Having a Baby on Your Own

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